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"Broken Hearts' Resort" is a short gay romance visual novel about two friends working together at the iconic Broken Hearts' Resort in Hawaii.

Julian has been single for a while, and in love with his manager, Jake. However, Jake has gone through a powerful heartbreak himself, and stayed single ever since. After giving him more than enough time, Julian got tired of waiting, and decided to take things in his own hands, and finally find a proper date.

His attempts to schedule one are interrupted by different things going on at the resort. There's no shortage of guests and each one of them has a difficult story, some very triggering. Will Julian manage to overcome bad luck that seems to surround him, and get a chance with Jake? Or is he doomed to get his heart broken like everyone else?

Player's Age: 16+.

Trigger Warnings: singlehood, relationship drama (rejections, break-ups, abuse, cheating, etc.), toxic people, toxic attitudes toward love, judgmental and impatient  main character.

Julian is a young man who received the post at the Broken Hearts' Resort thanks to his uncle, Mr. Swartz. He hasn't been through any kind of heartbreak yet, even though he feels annoyed about his unrequited crush for his manager, Jake.

Jake has been working at the Broken Hearts' Resort for a while already, and he's the one solving important problems at the venue, such as for example theft. After getting his heart broken by his ex, he hasn't dated much, but perhaps, Julian can make him change his mind...

Apart from Julian and Jake, there are 10 more characters: 8 guests and 2 visitors. What stories do they have? Is Julian able to help anybody with his advice, despite having been single forever?

  • ~5000 words of professionally written and edited text.
  • Linear storyline with 8 choices and 2 endings:
    • 5 “true” choices that decide which ending you get,
    • 3 “phantom” choices (choices that display a slightly altered version of the dialogue or inner monologue but don’t really affect the main plot),
    • 2 endings: Good End and Bad End.
  • 12 colorful characters: 1 main character (Julian), 1 dateable love interest (Jake), and 10 side characters (hotel guests, family), all with complex backstories.
  • Guestbook screen with unlockable character portraits, to remind you of the guests and visitors that you’ve already met at the Broken Hearts’ Resort.
  • Tropical game interface with souvenirs from the Hawaii (tickets, leaflets, posters).
  • 15 stylish backgrounds showing various places at the resort: the main character's room, his uncle's room, corridors, restaurant, common room, garden, beach, and others!
  • A soundtrack consisting of 8 pieces of music: an old-style, jazzy main theme by Kevin MacLeod and a quiet, tropical, lofi chillhop in-game soundtrack by DreamHeaven.
  • Bonus: After purchasing the game, you can download a free cheatsheet to make sure you don’t get a bad ending (or to get a bad ending on purpose, if you're curious!).

The game is controlled by mouse and keyboard. Beyond you can find information about keyboard shortcuts:

  • A - Auto mode
  • - Backlog
  • F - Skip forward fast
  • Space - Progress the game
  • - Save Screen
  • L - Load Screen
  • M - Main Menu
  • Esc - Return to Title Screen

Hasalynx Games is an indie game gig that doesn't have any external funding, and mostly relies on unpaid human effort to keep producing its games. We use mostly free resources and create scenarios from ready short stories and novels published by our people. If these games spark your curiosity, please buy them (they're so cheap!), comment, and spread positive word. Also, don't forget to add this game to your collections and follow Hasalynx Games on itch.io, so as to receive updates when a new game is up!

If you want to support our studio, you can do so by buying the game together with the official printable postcards.

Apart from the game, you'll also receive a PDF with a set of 6 printable postcards showcasing the most stunning artwork from the game (all have the same backside, seen below).

For best effect, print these postcards on high quality paper. The PDF format is A4.

After printing, you can put these in your diary, attach them to your corkboard or hang them on a string. You can also gift them to a friend who loves this game just much as you do! 

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AuthorHasalynx Games
GenreVisual Novel
TagsGay, hawaii, LGBT, Otome, resort, Romance, summer, tropical


Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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Hello, we just stumbled across this game on VNDB and would like to offer our translation services into German for it. 5000 words is not really a time-consuming project, so we could negotiate something quick, so you get easier access to the German audience that might stumble over your game and become curious about the German translation. It might help push sales forward in a different language market!

If you're interested, send us a DM on Discord or a mail at business@mimir-translations.org


Mimir Translations

Hi Mimir Translations! 
Thank you so much for your interest in our game, and also for the offer! We will contact you in the first week of January to ask about the rates and the turnaround time. Thank you!
-Hasalynx Team